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What is the UK’s most recognisable typeface?

Here’s a little challenge to start your day… can you guess the UK’s most recognisable typeface?

Does your mind instantly go to something familiar to you? Perhaps you’re on the London Underground every day and the P22 Johnston typeface (which recently celebrated its 100th anniversary) is the first to come to mind.

Or maybe you work in academics, and Times New Roman is a familiar favourite?

Maybe you even picked the correct answer!

Following a recent survey of 1,000 participants, it was revealed that Arial is the nation’s most recognisable font, with over half of participants choosing it as their go-to typeface.

Whether this is because Arial is one of the first fonts available in most word processing tools or because it’s a very clean font is unclear, but more than 60% of participants recognised this font above all others.

The Times New Roman typeface took second place as the most trustworthy font, likely because of its heavy use in academic material, like essays and university coursework.

Much further down the list, Comic Sans made an appearance as a recognisable font, most likely because of its reputation as one of the worst fonts. Created to be a friendly, appealing font for children, it started appearing in academic papers and work reports, where a font like Times New Roman would have been much more appropriate, making it one of the most hated fonts.

All this proves that the right font can make all the difference to whether your project is well-received, memorable and trustworthy, or not!

If you need help choosing the best fonts for your current project, get in touch to find out what our typesetting can do for your project.

To discuss this or any of our other services, contact us on (0191) 482 5042 or email us at

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