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Archive & Back-Up


Tech-Set operates a free, secure and safe system of archiving for all its clients. File structuring is handled in a simple and formal manner with each element of the job having its own area. When a job is finished, all files are then archived on three separate devices so that retrieval for any future use can be guaranteed. A complete catalogue of archiving is kept for reference; this contains the ISBN and/or the title and details of the job, thus making it easily located for any future use.

Archicve Backup Server


Tech-Set also operates a safe, secure and free back-up of all its work for all clients. Remote back-up is done every evening with the files stored off-site. The huge Apple File server that we currently run holds a huge amount of data but regular archiving and file management is important to keep it running at its maximum efficiency. The system is a RAID format one so that if a hard drive goes down it is simply replaced and is immediately rebuilt, all in the background.


The inclusion of hardware to prevent power surges and an immediate response contract with a local network expert means that our system is safe and secure and yet can be repaired immediately if damaged.


To talk about our Archive & Back-Up options please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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