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Archive & Back-Up


Tech-Set operates a free, secure, and safe system of archiving for all its clients. File structuring is organised in a simple, yet structured manner with each element of the job having its own designated area. When a job is finished, all files are then archived on several separate devices/areas so that safe retrieval for any future use can be guaranteed. A complete catalogue of archiving is kept for reference. This contains the ISBN and/or the title and details of the job, thus making it easily located for any future use.

Archicve Backup Server


Tech-Set also operates a safe, secure, and free backup of all its work for all clients. Remote back-up is carried out incrementally during the day and at the end of every day, files are stored off-site. Cloud storage is a significant part of the business and is complimented by our huge Apple Fileserver which currently runs in-house and holds a vast amount of data. Regular archiving and file management ensure this all runs at maximum efficiency. Our internal system is a RAID format one so that if hardware fails it is simply replaced and is immediately rebuilt, all in the background.

The inclusion of equipment and software to prevent power surges, together with an immediate response contract with a local network and hardware expert, ensures that our system is permanently safe and secure and customers' files are not compromised.


File Storage

Tech-Set operates a safe and secure Dropbox system for cloud storage which is securely backed-up throughout the working day and every evening. We have an ultra-fast Broadband system in place.

To talk about our Archive & Back-Up options please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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