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The Power of Colour in Design

Have you ever stopped to wonder why different brands use certain colours?

Think about the colours used by your favourite brands, it could be the bright red and contrasting white of Coca-Cola™, or the silver-grey currently favoured by Apple™.

Colour holds significant power. It can affect mood, emotion and behaviour. Many studies also show that colour can be very persuasive when it comes to consumer purchasing.

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” - Wassily Kandinsky.

To help you utilise the power of colour in your own designs, we’ve put together a quick summary of some of the most prominent colours and their meanings:

  • Red - passion, excitement, energy, danger

  • Orange - happiness, creativity, joy, success

  • Yellow – freshness, optimism, positivity, clarity

  • Pink – romantic, tender, feminine, love

  • Blue – trustworthy, calming, sincere, stable

  • Green – environment, finances, energy, ambition

  • White – cleanliness, purity, perfection

While these are just some of the colours used in graphic design, it’s important to remember that a certain colour can mean something completely different to one person than it will to another, simply based on their own preferences or prior perceptions.

Not only this, but different shades and hues can also make a marked difference to how colour is perceived.

When considering what colours to use in your own branding or graphic design, it’s also important to consider the following:

  1. Setting and audience. We all recognise the bright colours of most fast-food chains, but these wouldn’t be appropriate choices for a Michelin star restaurant. At the same time, a pink graphic conveying love and romance would look out of place in a mathematics textbook.

  2. How colour affects the accessibility of your design. People with visual processing disorders may find certain colours difficult to see, so it’s important not to rely too heavily on colour alone to convey your message.

So, remember, while colour can be used to great positive effect in design, it’s important to choose your colours carefully and consider your audience’s perception.

Are you in need of professional graphic design?

Wondering how certain colours can help to convey different meanings?

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