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The importance of illustrations in publishing

“A picture is worth a thousand words…”

When it comes to publishing, it’s not just an old adage.

The right illustrations can make your publication stand out from others on the shelf while also making the content more accessible and easier to digest.

Take picture books, for example. The reason they’re so vital to children, even before they begin to read themselves is that the pictures allow them to tell the story without needing to read the words. They’re the first building blocks for children learning to read.

Is it so surprising when you consider that storytelling through pictures has been around since the days of cave paintings?

The combination of illustrations and text can help the person reading to develop a more thorough understanding of the topic, which is why illustrations are particularly popular in educational textbooks.

Think about following origami instructions without the photos to help you along, could you do it? What about a cookbook without a picture of what the finished recipe is supposed to look like?

How would you know if you’d got it right?

Simply put, illustrations can be of great benefit to books across a range of genres, they’re not just for young children.

No matter the age of the reader, seeing an image alongside a topic they’ve been learning about can help them to make connections and better relate to the content.

Whether for young children or adults, illustrations can make your books more engaging, entertaining, and provide a more enriched reading experience.

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