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Quality V Quantity

We examine the age-old debate…

Perhaps now more so than ever, this debate is certainly pertinent within our industry. Since the mid-nineties, typesetting in this country has seen epic fluctuations in the amount of production being carried out offshore, primarily in India and the Far East. Over the years we have learned to ride the tide that has seen publishers, tempted by the low labour costs, take their work abroad, and then (hopefully!) bring their work back because they find the quality and service is substandard.

Momentum in business is a huge asset, and nothing slams the air-brakes on and brings momentum screeching to a halt more than when a customer calls to explain that they can get the same product for a fraction of the price. You try to react positively, re-evaluate and make adjustments to ensure your price is as competitive as possible, without compromising on the quality standards and service. This, however, is sometimes not enough. I love the analogy shown in this short video below:

With the big, black cloud of Brexit lurking in the distance, it is important that we recognise how significant a part we as an industry play within our economy. Outside influences, such as the recent success of our football team at this summer’s World Cup, feed the momentum and breathes confidence into all our core industries. Let’s keep the feel-good factor alive and help each other. Sadly, the demise and closure of many long standing companies is the unfortunate result of the short-term gain policy of some publishers. In an ideal world I would love nothing more than to see British publishers resist the urge of cheap labour abroad and utilise the expertise of our own UK based designers. I acknowledge that in some cases this simply isn’t possible due to cost implications involved, but dare I say it would be well worth it in the long run and for the good of our industry moving forward!

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