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Project Management – What Is It?

“Project Management” is a term you probably come across quite often, but what does it mean?

To put it simply, project management is the practice of directing and managing a team to achieve specific results or goals by a specific completion date or deadline.

Project management is used in all industries from software creation and app-design to car manufacturing.

Let’s put it in terms of creating a book.

Imagine you’ve written a manuscript and you’re ready to move onto the next stage in the publishing process, where do you start?

Do you begin looking for developmental editors or line editors? Or should proofreading come first? At what point should you organise the cover design or finalise the formatting?

And when all of that’s done, how does your manuscript actually become a book? What format does it need to be in for eBook, and how do you make sure it’s printed accurately?

Producing a book from scratch takes a lot of time, a lot of tools and a lot of skills.

So, what do you do if you just don’t have the time, tools and skills to complete your book?

That’s where project management steps in to help.

A team will take control of your project (or book) and will work together to complete your project to your requirements within a set amount of time.

In terms of that book analogy, the team will likely have a developmental editor and a line editor on-board, they’ll have a cover designer and a typesetter. They’ll have the tools needed to format your book correctly and to ensure that the finished project is available in the correct formats needed to publish your book.

Your project management team will also liaise with you regularly, they’ll keep you updated on every step of the process, occasionally needing your input, like reviewing and then approving or rejecting any edits and giving your feedback on the finished cover design.

Before long, you’ll have a finished book in your hands that’s ready to put out in front of readers.

Do you have a book project that you need help with, right now?

At Tech-Set, we have a team of project managers who are ready to take your project all the way from submission of Manuscript through Pre-press Production to Print or eBook.

To discuss this any this or any of our other services you can contact us on (0191) 482 5042 or alternatively you can email us on

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