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Did you know? Tech-Set is your one-stop design and print solution

Over the years we’ve come to learn that customers love having someone to be able to handle all their design requirements from flyers to simple business cards to annual reports even to a suite of A ‘Level’ books. But there’s one thing above all others that customers want and value more. And that is CONVENIENCE. The convenience in knowing that they don’t have to shop around seeking the best value, they want the convenience of knowing they have someone on hand to sort out their design print problems for them. They want the best company to deal with everything that they need. And effectively help make their design and print issues easier.

But there’s one thing above all others that customers want and value more. And that is CONVENIENCE.

This is where Tech-Set comes in. We offer a one-stop design and print solution for all our customers. No matter how big or small their requirements may be.

So why should customers choose Tech-Set above everyone else?

We’ve learned over our extensive history in the publishing sector that customers don’t just want some graphic design works done for them. What they really want is for someone to create their requirements i.e. marketing material, a website, books to social media posts. We’ve found that when a customer receives their designs, they don’t necessarily know what they need to do next. Then they must spend extra time and resources to fulfil everything needed to get a finalised printed product.

We offer three benefits for customers to choose us over everyone else when it comes to their complete design and print requirements.

  1. We offer competitive value for money no matter what size of job you require.

  2. A customer services team that’s available to you via the phone or live chat

  3. We offer an artwork fixing service, that can help to ensure that your job prints are exactly as you want it to. Even if you are not used to designing for print.

And finally, in addition, to those three benefits. Our website is online 24/7. So you can find contact us when it best suits you to receive a bespoke quote for your design and printing requirements.

If you’d like to discuss any of your design and print requirements you can talk to us on (0191) 482 5042 or email us at

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