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Content Vs Design: Which is More Important?

When you listen to a song, which seems more important to you, the music or the lyrics?

Of course, the answer is usually, both.

Without music, your song is a poem, good in its own right, but transcendent when combined with powerful, complementary music. We can say the same for some music. If you remove the lyrics from many of the most famous pop and rock songs, they wouldn’t have the same impact.

It’s the same when comparing the importance of content and design.

They’re both cornerstones of any information product or marketing campaign for building trust and attracting an audience.

Think about it like this, if design were the body, content is the soul.

It’s like your first impression of someone. When you see them for the first time, you pay attention to how they look (that’s design) and when you spend more time getting to know them; you find out how they think and hear what they have to say (that’s content).

If someone looks the part, but what they’re saying doesn’t add up, you’ll likely step away feeling disappointed.

The same principals apply when you look at a website, book, or any other marketable product. If there’s something off with the design or the content, you’re bound to notice, and it’ll affect your perception.

So, how do you ensure your content and design are working together to build your audience and your brand?

It’s all about balance.

The two need to work together. To do that, you need to understand the role of each.

What’s the purpose of content?

Content converts. In an online setting, content is used to drive organic traffic to your website, blog or social channels. In a physical setting, like a book, it’s what keeps your reader reading.

It’s also important for building a connection and a rapport with your audience. Great content can turn a lead into a sale or a passer-by into a loyal fan.

What’s the purpose of design?

Design attracts. It helps your content shine, and without it, even the best content can be lost.

Design can create a better user experience and ensure a longer-lasting impact on your audience, convincing them to visit your website again, buy your next book, and keep reading.

So, which should come first, content or design?

This could be a personal preference or one linked to the project itself. For example, a novel will be written long before the cover is designed, and the content will influence the design of the cover.

However, with a website or promotional video, you’ll likely create at least some content before you begin working on the final design to ensure that it complements the content, presenting it in the best possible way.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which comes first, but it’s important to remember that both are equally important, and while they are separate elements within any project, they are highly connected aspects that can mark the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project.

If you’re looking for help with graphic design, content editing or managing your latest project, call us on (0191) 482 5042 or email us at to find about more about any of our services or how we can help you.

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